About HwGN - The Hardware & Gaming Network

(Last updated Jul. 24, 2004)

During the winter of 2000-2001, I ran a small PC hardware site. I looked at the possiblity of joining a network, but for the most part my site did not get near engough hits to be able to join any of the networks I found. So, I decided a network was needed for the small to medium sized PC hardware and gaming sites. As a result, the Hardware & Gaming Network started on Feb. 1, 2001.
HwGN is not a company providing web hosting. It is a network designed to be a community of PC Hardware, Gaming, and Tech sites. Originally, the network was administrated and run soley by me, John Dantzler. The number of sites participating in HwGN grew very quickly with sites such as Ripnet-UK and OCAddiction providing a lot of activity to HwGN itself and to the HwGN forums. Eventually, I needed to back off from the day to day running of HwGN and moved more to the background while a few members served to review new sites asking for membership and administer the server. Erik Soltesz started serving as the server admin during that time and has done a very good job.
In 2002, Xoxide stepped in to sponsor HwGN and provided a server to host the HwGN sites on. Xoxide's support was and is greatly appreciated. The few who were doing new membership reviews eventually moved on elsewhere and that area of HwGN suffered. As a result, as sites were lost very few new sites came in to replace them. Then recently some of the HwGN sites were moved to a new server sponsored by Xoxide. The move was not offered to all HwGN sites with restrictions being made to exclude the smaller sites. One remark was made in the forums that told the smaller sites they could seek hosting on free hosting services. It has never been the intent of HwGN to exclude sites due to their size.
HwGN's purpose is to provide a home for the small to medium size PC hardware, tech, and PC gaming sites with each member site contributing to the community that makes up the network. Each member site participates in the text exchange to cross promote sites on each member site in the Hardware & Gaming Network.
To help restore HwGN back to its original path, as of Jul. 24, 2004 HwGN is offering hosting to its member sites on a new server and is creating the HwGN Committee. Member sites are selected from those who are willing to serve on the HwGN committee to look over and approve or reject membership requests, help answer questions about HwGN, work with sites to insure that HwGN grows and meets the needs of its member sites, etc. Member sites are encouraged to be willing to serve on the HwGN Committee. Doing so will help bring HwGN back to where it should be and in turn build a community of sites that can help its members grow and have a good home.
-John Dantzler, Founder/Administrator, HwGN

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